Inspiration // Fight or Flight

At the risk of getting too political, let's just say a rebellious mood is afoot. The US election cycle and now events of the past week have illuminated the intense currents of a culture war unlike any to emerge in years. The polarized moods of the Presidential Inauguration followed by the Women's March on Washington painted a picture of intense contrasts of perspective, contrasts which the fashion world is boldly reflecting. A recent article by Dazed Digital underscored this idea, calling out two distinct responses presented by designers in our uncertain times. The first - an impulse to return to the comforts of home, to protect and to cocoon as seen in the traditional craft references at J.W. Anderson and the nostalgic normalcy at Prada. On the flip side, Lucas Ossendrijver at Lanvin simply made a show about nothing. The second response? An impulse to fight. At Rick Owens, it was a battle cry to 'reject the oppressive'. At Moschino, Jeremy Scott went to war for 'everything we believe in' - a dark and survivalist message. As Gloria Steinem so eloquently stated in Washington last Saturday, 'we must put our bodies where our beliefs are'.

It seems the latest shows and editorials are inspiring us to do just that.

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