Art // Barbara Katsen: Stages

I went to MOCA at the PDC recently  to see Barbara Katsen's Stages. This is the first major survey of Katsen's work and I loved both the abstract photographs and set studies, with her monochrome works being equally as compelling as their more colorful counterparts. Katsen - along with others like James Turell, Larry Bell, and Robert Irwin - is particularly interested in light and how light can actually be the subject matter of an artwork. Additionally, her photographs explore how photography has the potential to be truly an abstraction, rather than representational.

Barbara Katsen lives in Chicago and continues to innovate and experiment. This was my first exposure to her work, and I find it incredibly inspiring that she continues to influence and inform new generations of creative people.

The artistic elements + themes Katsen explores in her work are certainly relevant to trends we are seeing for Spring/Summer 17 - architectural forms, light vs dark, mirrored vs matte finishes, and cinematic staging. Her book Constructs - featuring her most famous series by the same name - is definitely one to add to your inspiration library.