On Becoming a Tree

Recently at the NeueHouse in partnership with Google's Design Is [...] project, I had the opportunity to experience the incredibly inspiring ways VR and AR technologies are being utilized by artists to build empathy and unlock the potential for social good through simulated reality.

Unanimously a highlight for our office was Tree, a virtual-reality project that "...transforms you into a rainforest tree. With your arms as branches and your body as the trunk, you’ll experience the tree’s growth from a seedling into its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand."

Tree, a VR film that transforms you into a rainforest tree.

And it's not just the visuals. Tree taps into all of the senses, beautifully building empathy for our forests while cultivating an incredibly new sensation of unplugging through the very act of plugging in. 

If you are interested in learning more about this project and others like it, check out my links below. And if you don't already own a VR headset, I guarantee these artists will inspire you to put one on your wishlist. And if you don't even know where to start, here's mine. It's purple and made of foam so that's fun.

xx Abby, WARM + COOL

Winslow Porter - Newreality.co
Gabo Arora - Lightshed
Jess Engel - Within
Peter Flaherty - CalArts/Flaherty Pictures
Ari Kuschnir - Mssngpeces
The Nature Conservancy  -  THIS IS OUR FUTURE
The team at Daydream

Runway // First Look Resort 18

We are loving the Femme Sport styling emerging out of the gate for Resort 18. Below is a first look at some of our faves - enjoy!

LFW // The Edit

There's a reason why London gets her reputation as the most creative fashion city on the planet. We were moved by the city's signature blend of radical creativity balanced with thoughtful sensitivity to the world we find ourselves in at this moment. Read on for our rundown of the week's conversation along with our edit of the top 10 trends you simply can't afford to miss.

cover image: christopher kane photographed by corey tenold for vogue

The Rundown

Top 10 Trends

1. Artful Asymmetry

2. Padded and Puffed

3. Dress Up

4. Twisted Heritage

5. Fairisle Folk

6. Prairie School

7. Collaged Floral

8. New Uniforms

9. Rave New World

10. Teddy Fur

NYFW // The Edit

Hey! We've combed through the runways and edited down to the big events and messages you simply can't afford to miss. The bottom line? From classic tailoring to bold color pops, this season found both designers and attendees aligned in their pre-occupation with current events, while just as diverse in their responses.

cover image: coach aw17/18 via getty images

The Rundown

  • Raf Simons delivered a much anticipated homage to American icons for Calvin Klein.
  • The Row delivered one of their best collections ever: perfectly wearable classics that stayed true to their signature sophistication.
  • The power suit was a top item, with softened versions from The Row, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and newcomer Khaite feeling freshest.
  • Designers responded to current events with everything from activist tees to militant separates to Coach's nostalgic Americana references.
  • NYFW said good-bye to Proenza Schouler, who will be breaking away from the traditional fashion week calendar beginning in Spring 18.
  • The city of New York was a major theme, from the hip-hop dandy at Marc Jacobs to 'Make America New York Again' hats at Public School.
  • Romantic themes evolved, shaping a new modern femme silhouette.

Top 10 Trends

1. Well Suited

2. Natural Fur

3. Playful Puff

4. Modern Femme

5. Activist Messages

6. Fluid Military

7. Mad for Plaid

8. Color Pop

9. Versatile Velvet

10. American Nostalgia

Inspiration // Fight or Flight

At the risk of getting too political, let's just say a rebellious mood is afoot. The US election cycle and now events of the past week have illuminated the intense currents of a culture war unlike any to emerge in years. The polarized moods of the Presidential Inauguration followed by the Women's March on Washington painted a picture of intense contrasts of perspective, contrasts which the fashion world is boldly reflecting. A recent article by Dazed Digital underscored this idea, calling out two distinct responses presented by designers in our uncertain times. The first - an impulse to return to the comforts of home, to protect and to cocoon as seen in the traditional craft references at J.W. Anderson and the nostalgic normalcy at Prada. On the flip side, Lucas Ossendrijver at Lanvin simply made a show about nothing. The second response? An impulse to fight. At Rick Owens, it was a battle cry to 'reject the oppressive'. At Moschino, Jeremy Scott went to war for 'everything we believe in' - a dark and survivalist message. As Gloria Steinem so eloquently stated in Washington last Saturday, 'we must put our bodies where our beliefs are'.

It seems the latest shows and editorials are inspiring us to do just that.

Image credits found here.

New Year // Style resolutions

So long 2016! You had us at good bye. While this year bought an underwhelming share of good news, it did have some stellar style moments - the best of which we featured on our newly launched instagram and pinterest. Each passing year of course also brings its share of fashion missteps, and 2016 was no exception. Below, we're listing our top 5 resolutions for the New Year, showcasing some of our favorite brands that never fail to elevate our style game and simply make us happy.

cover image via gucci fw16

1. Buy Less

Our favorite shoes of 2016? The Keen Mule by Freda Salvador. The price tag? More than we're comfortable with. But after months on our feet and the price per wear calculations, they're looking way more economical than that $59 pair of gold Mary Janes from Topshop circa 2015.

2. But at the same time...more T-shirts

We've gone from on the fence to all aboard the ath-leisure comfort train. Sweatpants? Bring it on. T-shirts everyday? Yes please, especially if it's one of these luxe anthurium versions from Monogram.

3. Be Playful

Have we learned nothing from Alessandro? In 2017 comes the challenge to stop taking fashion - and ourselves - so seriously. 

4. Wear Socks

Fact: LA gets cold sometimes. Stop pretending otherwise.

5. No more muumuus

This is a lie. We love muumuus and sacks and all shapeless things. But it's a worthy goal to be sexy every now and again. Especially come New Year's Eve. Until then, we'll be doing some seriously languid lounging.

Happy 2017 everyone!!!

Street style // Art Basel

People weren't sure what to expect at Art Basel Miami this year. Between Zika, Brexit and the incendiary U.S. Presidential election, many predicted lower turnout and a tough sales environment. Turns out, it takes more than than a few global crises to get the art and design community to miss one of the premier events of the year. By most accounts, sales were softer than previous years but encouraging. And certainly without a doubt, we were greeted by incredibly inspiring work at Pulse, NADA, and PAMM and the only tough part of the fair was deciding where to look - the art or the style! Below we're happy to share our snaps of the uber-chic attendees we encountered this year - from offbeat artists to sophisticated collectors. All were truly lovely inside and out!

Inspiration // Cirque Moderne

Although totally creepy, the numerous clown sightings leading up to Halloween this year nonetheless got us dreaming up a high-fashion, rag-tag circus of haute harlequins. From Margiela to Picasso, we've curated an inspirational gallery rich with circus-worthy clashes of color, pattern, and shine. Artful stage faces play a leading role, revealing the increasing interplay of fashion and beauty trends.

Image credits found here.

Inspiration // New knitwear

Infuse knitwear into all categories, with newness driven by sleek and sporty ribs, high-shine lurex, romantic ruffles, and dimensional milanos. Lighter weights and open shoulder details offer trans-seasonal appeal, while statement sleeves like voluminous bishops and sculpted muttons move romantic leanings forward.

Image credits here.

The nineties // Inspiring us now

This week, we look back at our favorite nineties runways and campaigns, which feel so fresh relative to the over-the-top approach currently driving much of the market. Warm levels of neutrals and mossy greens pair beautifully with cooler white, gray and lilac tones. In the nineties, we saw many trends emerge that feel fresh again - soft masculine suiting, luxe minimalist slips and sweaters, elevated ath-leisure, broad ranges of nude tones, silky dusters, and a more natural approach to beauty. When it comes to style, the nineties seem to infinitely prove that less truly can be more.

cover image: mario testino for vogue, march 1998

All images credits found here. 

Runway // The art of fashion

At WARM + COOL, art is our favorite source of inspiration! We certainly loved the the artist-as-muse trend that emerged for Spring/Summer 17, with several of the top shows from Celine to Proenza Schouler to Valentino revealing bold artistic references as diverse as the season itself. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

cover image artwork by henri matisse

Celine / Yves Klein's Untitled Anthrpometrie 123

Proenza Schouler / Bauhaus weaving by Gunta Stolzl

Anya Hindmarch and James Turrell's Aten Reign

Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama for W Magazine

Los Angeles // Making waves

Los Angeles is hot right now and it isn't just the sunshine! Below we explore some recent examples of how LA is making waves across several industries and defining new benchmarks for lifestyle retail through a West-Coast lens.

Image via Vanity Fair

Image via Vanity Fair

The new look of retail

Some of the most exciting retail concepts in the world have recently cropped up in Los Angeles, casting the City of Angels at the forefront of the experiential retail trend. One of the most inspiring is Platform, a collective of the world's most innovative merchants, chefs, and creative companies, located in Culver City's Hayden Tract. At it's most basic, Platform could be described as a retail park - an open-air, urban oasis with surrounding shops. A more precise look reveals the future of retail, when a hub of the most innovative brands come together to define a new industry benchmark through highly-curated permanent and pop-up experiences. Very simply, it's the new must-see in LA.

Image via Moon Juice

Image via Moon Juice

Beauty...from the inside out

LA has long been the capital of beauty and it's new look is a far healthier one than depicted in old under-the-knife stereotypes. From Moon Juice's Beauty Dust to The Beauty Chefs Inner Glow Powder, it seems a new health tonic is around every corner with promises of everything from reduced inflammation to better love-making and everything in-between. Not ready to replace your coffee habit with a beauty tonic? Order your cold brew with a hit of mushrooms at Make Out, a wellness cafe in the heart of Culver City. 

Image via WeWork

Image via WeWork

The creative/casual capital

To put it simply, LA is changing the way the world dresses. What? LA is a style capital? This used to be a laughable notion. However, several factors have contributed to this style revolution including the fact that LA is attracting creative talent like never before. The rise of Silicon Beach, art, and fashion - all industries once dwarfed by Hollywood - have been significant over the past several years. Additionally, ath-leisure -the most far reaching trend over the past several years and a perennial LA speciality - has resulted in the 'creative-casual' wardrobe, rapidly becoming the new standard for workplaces across the country. Workplaces themselves have evolved too, with more and more brands opting to co-work, rather than pop for pricey office space. LA has become a leader in this realm, with innovative concepts like the members-only Neuehouse or the more accessible WeWork. Keeping up with demand are a recent crop of menswear stores to hit La Brea Avenue, each offering their own spin on the new creative/casual.

image via Jesse Kamm

image via Jesse Kamm

Slow fashion

A new breed of designer is defining a movement in Los Angeles - one that is characterized not by the ever-frenetic pace of traditional fashion formats, but by a philosophy of longevity and the desire for a more intentional lifestyle. One of our favorites is Jesse Kamm who designs self-described 'handsome' pieces 9 months out of the year, while spending the other 3 months surfing with her family. These are pieces that certainly span seasons, if not decades. From our research, the Angeleno customer is responding with her wallet. As we know from Marie Kondo's magic of tidying up craze, there's much to be said and learned by living with less.

Aritsan Spotlight // Barcelona

More and more, it seems my favorite instagram design muses are coming out of Spain. This summer, we were super lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Barcelona and see some of our most favorite shops IRL. We hope you enjoy an up-close look at these studios, where all pieces are made with love in Spain. 


Iriarte Iriarte bags are designed and handcrafted in Barcelona combining traditional skills with natural materials. They are handsome and timeless, complete with quality finishings and solid brass fittings. While strolling through Plaza Real, you may be lucky enough to catch designer Carolina Iriarte working busily in her studio and crafting the magic that is Iriarte Iriarte.


Designed by Lucía Vergara, these limited edition jewelry designs draw on nature and geometry, resulting in colorful modern totems. To enter this bright design studio is to be surrounded by the creative process - inks + paints cover the work surface with works-in-progress resting on the drying rack. Our favorite perhaps were the giant contour portraits and product illustrations lining the walls alongside shelves stacked with Apres Ski's signature ceramic jewelry.


An artisanal approach and unrivaled attention to detail have earned Rosa Esteva a faithful fashion following. Cortana’s collections feel fresh, wearable, and cooly Mediterranean. All collections are designed and flawlessly crafted in small ateliers in Barcelona. Esteva’s breathtaking shop - located in the L’Eixample district - was expertly designed by ESTEVA I ESTEVA, her father’s archtecture firm.

Fashion Month // Top 5 shows

The whirlwind of S/S 17 fashion month is over and we're highlighting our favorite shows from around the globe. This season, we saw several exciting new moods emerge. A relaxed sensuality flowed freely - from languid satin separates layered over bra tops to fly-away seams on everything from trousers to jackets  - creating a season full of sexy movement. At the same time, we saw sculpted forms take shape in high volume 80s-inspired sleeves that were flounced, ruched, and mutton-styled. The deconstruction trend continued across the board, collaging various references together, at times to great extreme as seen at Simone Rocha where romantic layers were artfully reworked into exquisite assemblage. 


A modern and feminine take on utilitarian in the dreamiest of color palettes.


 An artful, historic collage of romantic blooms, delicate fabrics + layered techniques.


A cool and sensual take on 80s power dressing


Romantically subversive, full of frothy frocks and 80s meets Victorian drama.


An artfully chic safari complete with leather peplums and carry-all bags to die for

Images via Vogue and Dazed Digital

Runway // Shades of Beige

It's official, Khaki is cool again - especially in head-to-toe and ruffled versions.

Images via Spring/Summer 17 collections from Adam Lippes, Sea NY, Monse, ICB, Ulla Johnson, Rosie Assoulin, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Kaelen, and J. Crew.

Inspiration // Put a fruit on it

I've been falling in love with the latest art direction trend on Instagram, in what seems to be a fresh take on the still life. I think everything is made better with a little fruit on it. Check it out - do you agree?

Images via paloma wool, mansur gavriel, the dreslyn, pansy co, stil la, association shop, and shop undone.

Inspiration // Seeing Stripes

Images via Edun, Erika Cavallini, Osman, Iceberg, Joseph, Solace, Paul Smith, Tory Burch, MSGM, Comfort for Breakfast, Tome, Nehera, + Josef Albers.

Art // Barbara Katsen: Stages

I went to MOCA at the PDC recently  to see Barbara Katsen's Stages. This is the first major survey of Katsen's work and I loved both the abstract photographs and set studies, with her monochrome works being equally as compelling as their more colorful counterparts. Katsen - along with others like James Turell, Larry Bell, and Robert Irwin - is particularly interested in light and how light can actually be the subject matter of an artwork. Additionally, her photographs explore how photography has the potential to be truly an abstraction, rather than representational.

Barbara Katsen lives in Chicago and continues to innovate and experiment. This was my first exposure to her work, and I find it incredibly inspiring that she continues to influence and inform new generations of creative people.

The artistic elements + themes Katsen explores in her work are certainly relevant to trends we are seeing for Spring/Summer 17 - architectural forms, light vs dark, mirrored vs matte finishes, and cinematic staging. Her book Constructs - featuring her most famous series by the same name - is definitely one to add to your inspiration library.